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Welcome to OHJS Design - the epicenter for all of your design needs. Since way back when, this talented dream team duo have been providing exceptional design services across the Industry. They guarantee to deliver design solutions that will place you steps ahead of your competition, all whilst singing their hearts out to Celine Dion. Get in touch to learn more about what OHJS Design can do for you.

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This duo of grafters...

With the ever changing, ever evolving design industry, paving the way for the future can be hard to predict - the need to stand out visually has become essential and more competitive than ever. Jess Sayers and Olivia Haskey are the design duo behind OHJS- two heads are better than 1... Their talent, quick wit, and creative prowess keeps clients coming back for more.

From an early age, Jess and Olivia realised that design was their passion and calling. This talented designer duo put their heart and soul into each new project, and the results reflect this intense passion for all things design.

Each new OHJS Design adds a fresh layer of originality to an already impressive work portfolio. For a better idea of this duo's style and capabilities, please have a look at the Design page for the pair's portfolio and CV.

Fun facts you may like to know: 

Jess : thinks she's the best singer in the world (she's terrible)

Olivia : Is an insane yogi 


"Well done is better than well said"

Benjamin Franklin



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+44 7734250368 +447772385847

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